Sonntag, Oktober 24, 2010

where all the people are good

sometimes i wonder. no. today was actually the first time. i asked myself if there's anything good in every one of us. will everyone sometime get what's right and what's wrong. or will those who dont's see it now never see it. will they be lost in the dark. blinded by violence and crime. never able or willing to live another life.

the paradise in my head

little red cup - shlomi nissim

eyjafjallajökull - wikipedia

cups - lenneke wispelwey

the incomplete dictionary of show birds - luke stephenson

Donnerstag, Oktober 21, 2010

and have a place to hide


via garbagedress

johnny cash


marios schwab

i want to save the world

Dienstag, Oktober 19, 2010

there is something in my head

lara stone - vogue italia

east village boys

johnny cash - el paso prison

kiki de montparnasse


stroke my hair

stroke my hair. lay your palm on my head. gently. tenderly. so i can feel the weight of it. but still be free and light. so i know what it means to be taken care of. to be protected. come close. and even closer. so i can sense the life and the pounding heart that beats in your chest. i know it beats for me. will it be forever. or for some time. noone can know. and i don't want to.

Sonntag, Oktober 10, 2010

stroke.03 berlin: 9. september 2010


zozoville gallery



axel void

Samstag, Oktober 09, 2010

vibrating mind

chess - kiki de montparnasse

a playful almost piece of art. a chess set. consisting of luxurious vibrators. to tease and please.

Montag, Oktober 04, 2010

like him and me

boyshort - alexander wang

Sonntag, Oktober 03, 2010

some things can't be parted

the geometry of pasta pairs over 100 authentic recipes from critically acclaimed chef, jacob kenedy, with award-winning designer caz hildebrand’s stunning black-and-white designs to reveal the science, history and philosophy behind spectacular pasta dishes from all over italy. a stunning fusion of design and food, the geometry of pasta tells you everything you need to know about cooking and eating pasta like an italian.

Samstag, Oktober 02, 2010

may they be one

ghost girl - kevin francis gray

heart - flickr

magnolia - wikipedia

love poem - richard brautigan


josh & georgina - hudson jeans

Freitag, Oktober 01, 2010


mimi holliday