Donnerstag, Juni 30, 2011

and in the shadow of summer

still - karla read

still - unknown

moments off distortion - unknown

lara stone - vogue russia (july 2011)

time caught us. to linger and to enjoy. everything and everyone. taking all chances to do nothing and all. at the same instant. but the shadow of summer is lingering too. somewher in the back of my head. for now.

Donnerstag, Juni 16, 2011

e-ero on stage

<3 my girls - photo: claudia brijbag

karen - photo: wolfgang philippi, nachtagenten

alexandra - photo: michael wittig

bijoux - photo: wolfgang philippi

kira - photo: wolfgang philippi, nachtagenten

miriam - photo: kai laquatra

franziska - photo: michael wittig

josephine - photo: michael wittig

thank you all. we made this happen. esmod graduate show at friedrichstadtpalast. one love.

photo: all rights reserved

Donnerstag, Juni 09, 2011

e-ero fine lingerie & leather goods

shoot my black virgin heart is mainly inspired by the music of johnny cash. like the songs, the pieces tell tales of seduction, grief, longing and desperate love. the whole collection reflects these stories and enables the wearer to tell them on and create their very own myth of being an outlaw on the outlook for the heart’s deepest cravings.

luxurious underwear as well as as outerwear.

© 2011
design: marina arbenz
photo: chris däppen
styling: nadja barudi
make-up: mel willmann

Sonntag, Juni 05, 2011

and will this summer

julia - julia b.

adrian - marina arbenz

radio - marina arbenz

adrian - julia b.

this summer. oh yes it is going to be our summer. we are free to do. it. all.