Sonntag, Mai 09, 2010

Samstag, Mai 08, 2010

will we too

forever. what does it stay for? what does it mean? is it measurable? is it a fact, utopia or just a synonym for the nothingness that fallows all our doing? is it a short time or a long one? does something like forever actually exist or is it just a lie so we don't have to face the end of all things? does it end when we die or does it just go on? is forever directly connected with the time our spirit lives? does our spirit rest forever? do our feelings stay forever? love, hate, longing. probably longing.

Freitag, Mai 07, 2010

Dienstag, Mai 04, 2010

till eternity

Samstag, Mai 01, 2010

random street fighters

it shall forever be heard

the cry for a revolution. for a reunion. of mankind and nature. a green revolution. a good revolution. more caring and more social. considering all the needs. those of mankind and those of nature. without violence. hopefully. for peace. for a better world and a better system. or for no system.