Dienstag, Mai 24, 2011

of how we lived


johnny cash - via google

illustration - antimultivitamin


still - maison martin margiela

Sonntag, Mai 15, 2011

and this is what i dream about

bowskirt - lucky dame

bowskirt - lucky dame

bow skirt - lucky dame

balconette bra - lucky dame

lucky dame is a gorgeous british label that creates unique pieces out of latex. although this material has a long history of being used in matters of sexuality, it has never been more adorable. lucky dame crafts garments every lingerie lover wants to have. i want. <3 www.luckydame.co.uk

Designer/Brand: Eve Anna Liszczyk for Lucky Dame | Couture Latex Design
Model: Steph Westwood
Photos by Marta F. Andrés
Make-up artist : Sascha Juanita Martini
Hair stylist : Hanna Clarke

Samstag, Mai 14, 2011

i will dream a wierd world


a perfect vacuum - jeremy geddes


moonrise - beth hoeckel

where things and people are attached to other things and people. always matching. always wierd.

Sonntag, Mai 08, 2011

while you sleep beautifully

Sleeping Beauty from Pollen Digital on Vimeo.

"you will go to sleep. you will wake up. it will be as if those hours never existed."

death-haunted, quietly-reckless, lucy is a young university student who takes a job as a sleeping beauty. in the sleeping beauty chamber old men seek an erotic expirience that seek lucy's absolute submission. this unsettling task starts to bleet into lucy's daily life and she developes an increasing need to know what happens to her when she sleeps.


Mittwoch, Mai 04, 2011

while i watch your back

ivory tulle knickers - ophelia fancy

bumless knickers - ophelia fancy

bowback thong - ophelia fancy

bowback knickers - ophelia fancy

brighton based label ophelia fancy lauches new collection "out of control". with exciting and most beautiful views on a women's most pretty body part. the bum. this is handmade lingerie. vintage inspired but with everything a modern and kinky girl whishes for. i do. want it. need it. <3


Dienstag, Mai 03, 2011

get obsessed

vintage postcard florida - via google

poolscapes - karine laval


vintage postcard florida - via google

obsessed with cold beauty. posessed. lying by the pool. beeing a summer-sex-symbol. in perfection. starting. now.

Sonntag, Mai 01, 2011

as i just said