Donnerstag, September 08, 2011

e-ero lingerie x stefan rautenberg sneek peek

an exclusive sneek peek to the amazing shooting of e-ero "shoot my black virgin heart" collection. lovely alina in e-ero lingerie by stefan rautenberg.

model: alina edged/pearl management
make up: martina bernburg
photo: stefan rautenberg

Montag, August 15, 2011

zinke lingerie

zinke - souvenir collection (fall 2011)

zinke - souvenir collection (fall 2011)

zinke - souvenir collection (fall 2011)

zinke - souvenir collection (fall 2011)

sisters arin and jessie are the founders of lovely lingerie label zinke. based in oklahoma, all their pieces are produced in the u.s. with love. an uncomplicated, kinky and indie way of making outstanding lingerie. i love it. <3

Donnerstag, Juli 28, 2011

in the heat of summer

kate moss - mario testino

flower bondage - via google

pool - joseph gordon & michelle trachtenberg

american motel - via google

ewige liebe - vogue germany (july 2011)

Freitag, Juli 22, 2011

e-ero lingerie x

e-ero movie by mirko geuther and felix schwarz


the story of seduction goes on. enjoy.

design: marina arbenz
movie: mirko geuther & felix schwarz
styling: nadja barudi
hair & make-up: mel willmann
model: svenja seidel & marina arbenz

Freitag, Juli 15, 2011

fashion week berlin: 9. july 2011

a.friend by a.f. vandevorst (20.00)

outstanding but very laid back. a discription that goes for performance as well as the collection. the models were leaning backwards. wierd, bizzare but comical the same instant. a feeling that always hangs over a.f. vandevorst. and so are the garments. beautiful but with that twist that makes you look twice. and you will be left in wonder. and admiration. my admiration increased. they are my favourites. I LOVE A.F. VANDEVORST. (yes. i used capitals for that one)

photo: mercedes benz fashion week berlin

Dienstag, Juli 12, 2011

fashion week berlin: 8. july 2011

iris van herpen (18.00)

'escapism' shows the permanent urge to escape from virtuality. to leave behind the digital world. half transformed creatures, art, sculptures that enter reality. too extraordinary, too breathtaking and too moving to be actually from this side of the mirror. projected ideas and fears. not home. nor here, nor there. astonishing.

photo: mercedes benz fashion week berlin

Sonntag, Juli 10, 2011

fashion week berlin: 7. july 2011

lala berlin (19.00)

leyla piedayesh did bring a cool, avantgarde summer into being. creations that are on the pulse of time but refuse to be chained to it. they stay for freedom and airiness. but without loosing touch of reality and what is still to come. harmony through duality. day and night caught in color, fabric and mood. and prints that make you dizzy like a neverending always ongoing summer(night's) dream.

photo: mercedes benz fashion week berlin

fashion week berlin: 6. july 2011

augustin teboul (15.30)

garments out of ones dreams. one of those you can not get a grasp on. you will fade in and out of it. but it will haunt you all through the night. and its creatures too. black, strong in a delicate way, bizarre but with beauty beyond words. a beauty you fear because of its darkness and complexity. i lost my heart. to augustin teboul. to their way of making dreams one never admits to have reality.

photo: mercedes benz fashion week berlin

Mittwoch, Juli 06, 2011

fashion week berlin: 5. july 2011

bread & butter kick off party

an amazing party. festival-like. an atmosphere that caught breath and heart. with mechanical creatures inhabitating the place like occasional friends from a long gone dream. floating light-balloons. and music that filled the crowd with joy. mos def. deichkind. do i really need to say more than that. oh yes. do everything you want. but do it always for happiness.

Samstag, Juli 02, 2011


Austra The Beat & The Pulse from The Glitoris on Vimeo.

disturbing. but beautiful and unique. the music, the idea the lingerie. enjoy and end up confused. please. but free.