Dienstag, August 31, 2010

ink under my skin

nyc: 28. august 2010

day 46

one fun night out in brooklyn. with great friends. dancing and drinking. what we've learned? tequila is a bad bad thing.

nyc: 23. - 27. august 2010

day 41 - 45

i love my internship. it's so much fun. to work. and to be with the people there. and to see the patterns i'm drawing coming to life. beautiful pieces. i've worked on. the leather bustier. finally great. and in stores next week. the pleated corselet bra and the sheer group. who need some more of my work. but will be great too. in the end. i'm already sad to leave this all behind. in a few weeks. i hope i can help them so much more. to see so much more. beeing as it should be.

Montag, August 30, 2010

you're beautiful and new york

mary-kate olsen

nyc: 22. august 2010

day 40

soho & east village

the street as a gallery. the street as an inspiration. if you keep open your eyes. you'll see what lies beyond.

Dienstag, August 24, 2010

nyc: 22. august 2010

day 40

the new museum of contemporary art

k-os - the rain

when the rain comes down
you’re never around
but when the sun comes up
you always steal the fire
and rain comes down on this side of town
but people have no feelings
they just run around

Montag, August 23, 2010

nyc: 21. august 2010

day 39


a birthday in the flat of a friend of a friend of a friend. the most amazing place i've seen in nyc so far. wow.

nyc: 20. august 2010

day 38

beauty bar

a 50ties style bar. and hairsalon. but me in an 80ties outfit. good match.

girl dressing up

nyc: 16. - 20. august

day 34 - 38

the bra project

it's going to be lovely. hopefully.

nyc: 15. august 2010

day 33

coney island

just a memory from the past. a bewitched place. a sad dream on a cool summer day. with a freezing ocean breeze. like the american dream. still there. somewhere. but only a lost idea. stranded on the coast of a country that once was the future. to reach out to.

Donnerstag, August 19, 2010

nyc: 14. august 2010

day 32

little italy

china town

so much food on one day. yummi. some not.

nyc: 14. august 2010

day 32

once upon a tart

Montag, August 16, 2010

nyc: 14. august 2010

day 32

so much wisdom. just for lunch.

Sonntag, August 15, 2010

nyc: 9. august 2010

day 27


every aspect of life holds it's own beauty. sometimes cruel. sometimes bizare. and sometimes just stunning. artists have the gift of conserving these moments of truth and wisdom. to learn from them, to feel and see what is important to others is a chance noone should miss.