Mittwoch, April 27, 2011

that i never was innocent

greg kadel - vogue germany (may 2011)

never. and won't be. ever.

Montag, April 25, 2011

to discover

typography by martin pyper

discover life. discover yourself and others. find your own way. your own aims and values. never give up the longing. cause life is a way, not a terminus. try out. everything. succed and fail over and over. live, love, hate. and do it again.

Samstag, April 23, 2011

and this will help you fight

michi - fall 2011

michi - fall 2011

Michi is a unique lifestyle brand founded 2010 by canadian designer michelle watson. the idea behind the brand is to create lingerie and sportswear at the same time. functional but seductive clothing with an edgy and avantgarde design.
love it. do you?

Donnerstag, April 21, 2011

love is colder than death

abbey lee by hedi slimane - vogue russia (march 2011)

Dienstag, April 19, 2011

to drown






yes. i do want to take a bath with you. to swim. to float. to drown with you.

it's a new addiction

addicted to life. addicted to live. to follow and do whatever is worth it. or not. it does not matter. and the soul's longing does not care. no mistrust. just the hearts deepest cravings. to play. to love and to hate. to be loved and to be hated.

and had this in mind

abbey lee kershaw - dior

pineberry - via

lissy laricchia - via


a vision of light. a vision of dust. to love and to hate. to live and to die. and not to.

Montag, April 18, 2011

i was in hiding

Hide and seek from SooKyung Kim on Vimeo.

hide and seek - imogen heap

i was in hiding. a lot have seeked. to be here again is what i have seeked. life is what i was hiding from.