Samstag, Februar 20, 2010


today was the day. yves saint laurent's manifesto for spring/summer 2010 was given away to the people of berlin. to the lucky ones. as i was all messed up from yesterday's party i was not able to go there myself. but thanks to the world there are still such things as great friends. so i got mine. thank you dearest friend.

Donnerstag, Februar 18, 2010

in the name of science

jalouse 2001 (nr. 37)

jalouse 2001 (nr. 37)


jalouse 2001 (nr. 37)

sometimes the world is full of wonders and unexpected incidents. like life. so it is just natural that people ask if that all can be described with science. or if it's magic. or the power of everyone's will. it is the questions of where do we all come from and where do we all go to. do we believe in destiny or coincidence. people therefor face the most crucial question: do we have a choice. do we have the power or even the faith to change something. is life our will or someone else's. or is it just chaos.

Mittwoch, Februar 17, 2010


da habe ich wieder einmal bemerkt, wie interessengelenkt die menschliche wahrnehmung ist. was nicht in unser weltbild passt oder was wir nicht sehen wollen, das sehen wir auch nicht, eigentlich schade, oder? wer weiss wie wunderbar die welt wäre, wenn wir sie doch nur endlich ganz und ohne den filter unserer vorurteile erkennen könnten! lesen sie platon, das hölengleichnis.

Dienstag, Februar 16, 2010

there is light

the light's so bright
too bright
you're there in the light
i'm here
waiting for you
no fear

Sonntag, Februar 14, 2010

make love your goal

the power of love - frankie goes to hollywood

love saves you
in times of darkness and grief
may all people feel love
and give love

Freitag, Februar 12, 2010

sad beyond words

i use things that people want to hide in their heads. war, religion, sex: things we all think about but don’t bring them to the forefront. But i do and i force them to watch it.

-r.i.p. lee mcqueen-

late last night the news of lee mcqueen's death struck the world. he was one of the most innovative and creative designer ever. his death makes us sad beyond words.
may his spirit and his power to shock and revolutionise live on. his aims to show people also the dark side of fashion should never be forgotten.

Donnerstag, Februar 11, 2010